Stock-Data is a python script that generates excel sheets of short and long term data for a specific set of stocks.

For the short term, Stock-Data will generate closing prices for the last 12 weeks (3 months) and do some basic statistical analysis. Standard deviations will be calculated for the last month, two months, and three months. A price histogram and a line chart (over time) will be created as shown in the picture to the right.

As of August, 2017, there is no way to adjust anything eaisly. In order to change stuff, you need to manually adjust the code

For the long term, Stock-Data will look at the last 10 years of data as available. Stock-Data will calculate the average return for a month, the standard deviation of return, and finally the frequency of positive return over the last 10 years. In addition, the generated charts will be colored for easy viewing of trends as shown in the picture to the right.

In order to use this script, you need Microsoft Excel. To run it, first clone the repository (linked above) to some local directory. Next, you'll need to change one thing in the code. In, change savePath to the proper save directory. Now you need to make a template excel sheet for the script to look at. A template is just a regular excel workbook with every stock ticker (not case sensitive) as a new sheet.

Then just run and the script should do it's thing. Be aware that it takes a long time to run and if it runs into an error midway through, sorry, gotta run it again