I have for as long as I can remember, had an awful memory for things that I have done and things that have happened to me. This project is my attempt to record my history including past, present, and future events. Not included on this list are more mundane events, which to me include things like parties, eating out, etc.

The project was started on August 23rd, 2022. Events that occurred many years before this date (or to be honest, even a few months before this date) are likely the result of research rather than recollection.

This project is still heavily work in progress.

The History of Eric

Date Event
20240730July 30th, 2024 Concert: Ringo Deathstar @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20240707July 7th, 2024 Concert: State Faults and Frail Body @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20240530May 30th, 2024 Concert: Mind's Eye and Friko @ House of Blues Voodoo Room, San Diego
20240518May 18th, 2024 Concert: Panchiko, Weatherday, and Wisp @ The Observatory North Park, San Diego
20240516May 16th, 2024 Concert: Wednesday and Draag @ Quartyard, San Diego
20240503May 3rd, 2024 Concert: Amenra, Primitive Man, and Slow Crush @ Brick by Brick, San Diego
20240416April 16th, 2024 Concert: Khruangbin and Hermanos Gutierrez @ The Rady Shell, San Diego
20240406April 6th, 2024 Biking: Purchased a new Bianchi Milano Dama
20240405April 5th, 2024 Concert: Arm's Length, Carly Cosgrove, Ben Quad, Saturdays at your Place @ House of Blues, San Diego
20240401April 1st, 2024 Concert: Wind Rose and Xandria @ Brick By Brick, San Diego
20240321March 21st, 2024 Concert: Jhariah @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20240301March 1st, 2024 Concert: The Ocean, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, "Shy, Low" @ Brick by Brick, San Diego
20240221February 21st, 2024 Concert: The Hotelier and Foxing @ August Hall, San Francisco
20240215February 15th, 2024 Concert: Tunnel Vision @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20240203February 3rd, 2024 Concert: True Loves and Gypsy Sally @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20240203February 3rd, 2024 Biking: Purchased a new Surly Preamble
20240127January 27th, 2024 Concert: Explosions in the Sky @ SOMA, San Diego
20240112January 12th, 2024 Concert: Slaughter Beach, Dog and Sun June @ The Observatory North Park, San Diego
20240106January 6th, 2024 Concert: The Charlatans and RIDE @ House of Blues, San Diego
20231217December 17th, 2023 Concert: Jeff Rosenstock, ???, and Small Crush @ The Observatory North Park, San Diego
20231208December 8th, 2023 Concert: Deafheaven, Touché Amoré, and Crushed @ The Novo, Los Angeles
20231122November 22nd, 2023 Concert: black midi and Anysia Kym @ The Observatory North Park, San Diego
20231116November 16th, 2023 Concert: Atmosphere, ???, and No Fun! @ The Observatory North Park, San Diego
20231025October 25th, 2023 Concert: Holy Fawn, Caracara, and lowheaven @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20231012October 12th, 2023 Concert: Slowdive @ The Warfield, San Francisco
20231007October 7th, 2023 Concert: Teenage Wrist, Spiritual Cramp, Heavenward, and Slow Joy @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20231003October 3rd, 2023 Climbing: Started climbing again for the first time since graduation
20230921September 21st, 2023 Concert: Knifeplay, Sparkler, and Kan Kan @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20230910September 10th, 2023 Concert: Home View, MARBLE, Two Headed Girl, Veto @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20230831August 31st, 2023 Housing: Ended lease @ Wimberly Square, San Diego
20230818August 18th, 2023 Concert: Surprise Chef and Akua Naru @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20230818August 18th, 2023 Housing: Started lease @ Marlborough Ave, San Diego
20230729July 29th, 2023 Concert: The Aquabats, The Aggrolites, and Mrs. Magician @ House of Blues, San Diego
20230721July 21st, 2023 Concert: Standards, Via Luna, and Positioner @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20230715July 15th, 2023 Concert: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Open Mike Eagle, and Stephen Steinbrink @ Cornerstone, Berkeley
20230515May 15th, 2023 Concert: TWRP and Magic Sword @ Music Box, San Diego
20230428April 28th, 2023 Concert: Strawberry Girls, Body Thief, Standards, Tang @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20230416April 16th, 2023 Concert: RADWIMPS @ San Jose Civic Center, San Jose
20230310March 10th, 2023 Concert: Joyce Manor, PUP, and Pool Kids @ SOMA, San Diego
20230225February 25th, 2023 Concert: The San Diego Symphony performing Beethoven's Concerto No.3 and Symphony No.4 @ San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego
20230218February 18th, 2023 Concert: Slow Crush and Death Bells @ House of Blues, San Diego
20221130November 30th, 2022 Concert: El Ten Eleven and Magic Sword @ Music Box, San Diego
20221022October 22nd, 2022 Concert: Death Cab for Cutie and Yo La Tengo @ Epstein Family Ampitheatre, San Diego
20221010October 10th, 2022 Work: Started Data Scientist I position in the Estimates/Forecasts team @ San Diego Association of Governments
20220925September 25th, 2022 Concert: Kikagaku Moyo and Briana Marela @ The Warfield, San Francisco
20220923September 23rd, 2022 Concert: black midi and Black County, New Road @ Music Box, San Diego
20220902September 2nd, 2022 Concert: Andrew Jackson Jihad @ SOMA - Sidestage, San Diego
20220831August 31st, 2022 Housing: Renewed lease for another year @ Wimberly Square, San Diego
20220808August 8th, 2022 Concert: Foxing, Greet Death, and Home is Where @ Soda Bar, San Diego
20220705July 5th, 2022 Work: Started Data QA/QC Intern position @ San Diego Association of Governments
20220620June 20th, 2022 Work: Started (and immediately quit) Traffic Quality Analyst position @ Epsilon
20220610June 10th, 2022 School: Graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and a Bachelor of Art in Philosophy
20220610June 10th, 2022 Concert: Covet, Hikes, and King of Heck @ August Hall, San Francisco
20220527May 27th, 2022 - May 30th, 2022 Climbing: Priest's Draw in Flagstaff, Arizona
20220507May 7th, 2022 Concert: Prince Daddy & the Hyena, Macseal, and Insignificant Other @ House of Blues, San Diego
20220326March 26th, 2022 - March 27th, 2022 Climbing: Buttermilks and Druid Stones in Bishop, California
20220306March 6th, 2022 Climbing: Joshua Tree National Park, California. Twisted my left ankle
20220212February 12th, 2022 Climbing: Joshua Tree National Park, California
20211219December 19th, 2021 - December 22nd, 2021 Climbing: Kraft Boulders in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
20210831August 31st, 2021 Housing: Ended lease @ Via Sonoma, La Jolla
20210813August 13th, 2021 Housing: Started lease @ Wimberly Square, San Diego
20200824August 31st, 2020 Housing: Ended lease @ Via Marin, La Jolla
20200824August 24th, 2020 Housing: Started lease @ Via Sonoma, La Jolla
20190826August 26th, 2019 Housing: Started lease @ Via Marin, La Jolla
20170925September 25th, 2017 School: Started college at UC San Diego as an undeclared major